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Re: Getting away with it

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retrofuturist wrote:Greetings,
One of the crowd wrote:
PopArt wrote: I rather liked that first Electronic album. Getting Away With It was the standout track, Get the Message a close second. But yes, the next two albums failed to live up to the early promise. The lack of PSB involvement after Disappointed was also a shame. I rather hoped they would continue working with Electronic but I guess time moved on.
Getting Away With It wasn't on the original Factory release
IIRC it wasn't on the UK release, but it was elsewhere.

Awesome album... it comes in #28 on my all time favourite albums list.

(Twisted Tenderness #48, Raise The Pressure #80)

Retro. :)
Tis why I put Factory release!

The album was released same day as Jealousy IIRC

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Re: Getting away with it

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It was a shame that GAWI wasn't included on the original UK Factory release of the 1st Electronic album, as I only had the 7'' UK single of it at that point, so was looking forward to getting the album CD & having GAWI on CD etc. I naturally assumed it would be on there, but alas it wasn't, oh well. Still, I did eventually get the USA CD single in early 1994, when I saw it in my local Virgin Megastore & was so chuffed to finally have GAWI on crystal clear CD!

But, then a few weeks later the 1994 re-issue of the first album was released, which did have GAWI on it, but was still worth getting as the 'album version' of it was longer than the 'full length version' on the USA CD single, as it has a bit more orchestrally bits at the end, just like the instrumental version.

Anyway, so just to clarify, is GAWI a non-album single or not? Both the 1994 & recent 2013 re-issues of the first album do have it on there, but of course the original 1991 Factory release didn't, so what is the answer? "Disappointed" wasn't included on either re-issues (as part of the main album), so that is still regarded as a non-album single, but where does that leave GAWI?...

Anyway, for some more information about GAWI, then it's worth having a look at the rather excellent Electronic fansite, Feel Every Beat: ... withit.htm

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Re: Getting away with it

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Brilliant track, love it love it love it.

Also here's a video of Bernard and Johnny performing the track at Jodrell Bank back in July of this year:
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Re: Getting away with it

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This and Disappointed are my definite favourites from Electronic, and actually among my favourites ever.

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Re: Getting away with it

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It makes me depressed that it's been 24 years since GAWI, it honestly makes me sad. Boo-hoo for me, but that song was the soundtrack of my life for a bit, that I was young, happy, had an apt. on Bleecker Street (impossible to afford now!), loving life. The future was all ahead, bright, I was out every night. I was getting away with it.

Then 90's doom and gloom and the real world slowly set in. "Disappointed" is a great song, but it depresses me too. It's about disappointment! And the CD single was released in the US as part of a truly crap movie, "Cool World". Ugh, I'd rather forget. Drico's right, Electronic's albums are generally good but patchy. Perhaps a lot of filler. I do love "Patience of a Saint" though. Probably because it sounds so very PSB.

Anyway, I can't listen much in late 2013 to Getting Away With It. It makes me nostalgic and regretful. It brings me back to when I thought the world was my oyster- and now I know it isn't. I'd rather look forward, I guess.

(Note to Mikey C, hope you see this: I also bought that CD single of Electronic's GAWI from that guy at Record Runner in the Village. The one with a glass of perfect iced Scotch on the cover. I think I bought the cassingle too! )

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