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Re: Literally 42

#16 Post by tottenhammattspurs »

And the Nightlife to Elysium further listenings are "completed compiled and ready to go" ..... But probably not released till late 2016 early 2017
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Re: Literally 42

#17 Post by billiejo »

Mine's arrived - what a nice surprise - 56 pages :dance:

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Re: Literally 42

#18 Post by PSBPiggymummy »

Yay, I've got home to find my copy sitting on the doorstep :D
Neil and Chris have answered my daughter's questions too - she'll be well chuffed!
Wish I'd sneaked in a question of my own too but I couldn't think of one...

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Re: Literally 42

#19 Post by Tom Angel »

Amazing!! It's on the door mat. Time to make myself comfortable and tuck in. I won;t be back on this post until I have - too many spoilers. what a brilliant bit of literature -
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Re: Literally 42

#20 Post by leesmapman »

Anything on Jarre's collaboration in the magazine?

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Re: Literally 42

#21 Post by Pod »

My order still says 'pending' on my account page?!? Grrrrr......
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Re: Literally 42

#22 Post by FormerEnfantTerrible »

Could anyone please inform us who are unable to buy it about any important new details?
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Re: Literally 42

#23 Post by jrusher12 »

Got mine through the post this morning. Have been a club member for years but didn't know if I was owed a copy so nice surprise!

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Re: Literally 42

#24 Post by DJ Fairborne »

I got home last night to find my copy had arrived in the post, which was a nice surprise as I wasn't sure if I was owed one either. Some interesting bits in the Diary section about some new songs (that weren't on "Super") & some lucky couple who got an exclusive PSB song for their wedding! :)

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Re: Literally 42

#25 Post by Pete13 »

I managed to count roughly 25 songs that were detailed in Neil's diary (not included on Super). Hopefully a few of these will appear as B-sides.

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Re: Literally 42

#26 Post by davenjulieuk »

so new songs are...

The lost room (recorded in the "Super" sessions)
Will You Love Me
Monkey Business
Don't Go
He's Not Coming Home
Clean Air Hybrid
The One I Want (previously titled You Are The One) (which will be on the next album)
A Cloud In A Box
The Dead Can Dance
Gramophone (previously titled Former Children)
Everybody Will Dance
The White Dress
Method In Your Madness (Probably be on the next album according to Neil)
The Out Crowd (previously titled Fruit and Flowers)
Skeletons In The Closet
The Forgotten Child
Why Would I Love You
Collector's Items
Wedding In Berlin
I Will Fall

so 25 new songs!!! 2 of which will be on the next album but already enough stuff recorded for the next album and at least 5 more singles!!!
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Re: Literally 42

#27 Post by rashomon »

Some great song titles there! ... top of the pile for me is:

Clean Air Hybrid

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Re: Literally 42

#28 Post by drunk14 »

The Dead Can Dance, Everybody Will Dance and Kaputnik are my favourite.

However set of titles like The Forgotten Child, Will You Love Me, The White Dress and The One I Want suggest that "a ballad record" is coming...
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Re: Literally 42

#29 Post by Trixiemix »

Visiting digital stores for me was like opening a creaking old attic door and finding a few forgotton pieces. I had no clue if I was due a Literally copy and so decided to order one. As sure as hell they had all my old details and address.....all updated now. I did write to the fanclub when I changed my address but it was probably about the time when the club was closing. To cap it the digi store details I found my order for a 2009 Manchester arena ticket that I never ever received! Fingers crossed that I do receive this Literally.....It would be great to be a trusted regular again.
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Re: Literally 42

#30 Post by bohemians. »

very funny titles ..
Wedding in Berlin
Will you love me?
Why would I love you?

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