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Re: <delete>

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what a fantastic title it would be for their very last album: delete.

just take the title of the first and last records together: please. delete. pet shop boys.

that would be a very chris-way to leave the stage.

love that.


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Re: <delete>

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Pet Shop Boys - Erase
Bonus Disc: Your
And tryin' to figure out what happened to 'Germaine Propaine'
"He couldn't have fell off that hard" Ain't no way
"What happened to the way you was rappin' when you was scandalous
That Canibus turned into a television evangelist"
Plus he raps with his regular voice [BOOSH! BOOSH!]
[BOOSH! BOOSH!] (What was that?) Pet Shop Boys

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Re: <delete>

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bonus disc : end.
As on a keyboard.

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Re: <delete>

#19 Post by MikeyC »

jules wrote:
Mon 26 Nov 2018, 3:12 am
bonus disc : end.
As on a keyboard.

Super deluxe third disc: Return.

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Re: <delete>

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daveid wrote:
Thu 22 Nov 2018, 6:42 pm
What an intriguing post. I hope you have it saved somewhere on your So hard drive. Don't be embarrassed. Some people here post all sorts of mental bollocks. I mean take bohemians. No secrets here on the street of shame...

Yes, take bohemians! Few years ago I wrotte Neil "it doesn t matter if your hair goes grey, you always have the starlight in your eyes, you are so beautiful inside" and Neil sings it!:))))or I wrotte him "No more ballads"- only a bit, only half of the song...but its great to hear it,he has great sence of humor,cynical humor....and I really wisch new song "Give stupidity a chance is about me..but its about Brexit..
Btw. All my post here are checked by very patience moderadors, so please dear daveid, "mental bollocks" are not possible from my posts

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Re: <delete>

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So, nobodys going to delete this thread? I'm deeply concerned...

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