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Re: Hotspot DNA

#16 Post by the8thark » Wed 05 Feb 2020, 3:02 pm

Here's my opinion on this. I'm basing this on Hotspot musically. Not lyrically as Hotspot is totally it's own thing lyrically.
Great topic by the way.

1. Will O Wisp - Super
2. You Are The One - Behaviour / Nightlife
(In my opinion Behaviour is what I feel most strongly but Nightlife does have stuff like In Denial and Only One so YATO cound fit there too)
3. Happy People - Introspective
4. Dreamland - Please
(If you imagine Dreamland was made with the same technology that Please was made and I think it'd really fit there. However as it stands in 2020, Dreamland would almost work on Please too).
5. Hoping For A Miracle - Elysium
(I don't it really fits on any album but Elysium is the closest in my opinion)
6. I Don't Wanna - Disco 3
7. Monkey Business - Bilingual / Super
(There's the obvious Biligual sonund there. But also it could fit right in with tracks like Twenty Somethnig and Groovy is Super also)
8. Only The Dark - Fundamental
(Of cause lyrically it's 100% incompatable with Fundamental but musically it sort of fits. It's too dark and deep sounding in my opinion for Behaviour)
9. Burning The Heather - Release
10. Wedding in Berlin - Disco 2
(It's Pazzo! or Electricity or Legacy levels of bad. One listen then take it out of your PSB rotation)
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Re: Hotspot DNA

#17 Post by Tenlow » Wed 05 Feb 2020, 7:22 pm

1. Will-o-the-wisp - Nightlife
2. You are the one - Behaviour
3. Happy people - Very
4. Dreamland - Nightlife / Yes
5. Hoping for a miracle - Fundamental
6. I don’t wanna - Disco 3 / Yes
7. Monkey business - Bilingual
8. Only the dark - Behaviour / Fundamental
9. Burning the heather - Release
10. Wedding in Berlin - Super
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