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Opportunities hooded top

Posted: Sun 19 Dec 2004, 1:46 pm
by Effen Vida
Hello all,
I'm seriously thinking about selling my Opportunities promotional hooded top, but have NO idea how much it's worth ( however much someone is willing to pay, I know! ), but I also don't want to rip anyone off! Having said that, it's going to be quite a wrench seeing it go, so...

Anyone have any idea how much it should be going for? Have you seen any of these sold lately?

Cheers and poom.

( @ Y @ ) - sorry about those, something of a tradition.

Chapper / Effen / Lee

Posted: Wed 22 Dec 2004, 11:42 pm
by Issey Miyake
Hi i haven't seen this on e-bay before and have not seen it knocking around anywhere really. I did aquire the same top back in 1988, I presume you mean the grey one with chris' pic on the back. Quite a nice item and trendy, even for today. I still have it somewhere lurking between my huge collection of psb t-shirts. As for price i'd say at least £40 but you'd probably get more due to it's rarity, by the way i paid £25 for that including lcq10", the 1st Opportunities (Let's make lots of money) 12".