Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

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Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

#1 Post by Oznerol »

Is this a fake/Bootleg/DJ mix, right??
The image of the CD looks convicing...but I never heard nor see this before...(and the catalogue number already have a different release related to it)
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Re: Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

#2 Post by Xakrij »

This is what I have.
The edit dance version time is the same as the video.
Always on my mind.jpg
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Re: Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

#3 Post by misterme »

Sounds like a fan made edit to me. A very well executed one but an unofficial one for sure.
There are several clues to this:
-First one, the name of the version "Edit Dance Version". That doesn't sound english. A correct way to put it would have been "Edited Dance Version" or "Dance Edit". The submitter of the YouTube video appears to be italian. Maybe that's the reason why...
-Second one, look at the CD image in his video and pay attention to the bottom where the name of the version is supposed to be printed on the CD: this text clearly uses a different font to the one for the "Extended dance version" above it.
- and last one, PSB discography has been thoroughly documented over the years and this version has never surfaced before.

Add to this the fact that you already found out that the catalog number has already been used for another release and draw the conclusion for yourself.

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Re: Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

#4 Post by DJAMIX »

Fan made of course. Just well done, but not surprising.
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Re: Alway On My Mind (Edit Dance Version) ????

#5 Post by retrofuturist »

If you look at the video description it says "Sonido WAV", suggesting it was created using the software of the same name...
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