2001 Further Listening Series - Colour of Font

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2001 Further Listening Series - Colour of Font

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Hi all

I have two copies of 2001 Please FL. I only noticed that the font listing the songs was different on each of the sets with one "Brown" and one "Grey". This is on the outer sleeve, the CD inner sleeve and also consistent on the spine of the CD box.

I was concerned that the grey one may be a forgery but the booklet with that CD has the brown font as headings in the text.

I've attached photos which do not show the contrast as good as in reality.

Then, I looked at my 2001 Behaviour FL CDs and I have one grey and one brown text.

It's probably confusing to explain over a forum but has anyone else noticed a difference between versions?

(The Barcode and text are identical).

Brown Font
Brown Font
Brown.jpg (3.38 MiB) Viewed 5236 times
Grey Font
Grey Font
Grey.jpg (3.34 MiB) Viewed 5236 times

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