Salford Concert To Be Aired By Radio 2 (OS)

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Re: Salford Concert To Be Aired By Radio 2 (OS)

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Yep, they very wisely stayed away from the songs done for Concrete, which points even more to a CD release, yes?

I would have liked something off of Yes, but they always seem to deliberately ignore the album before last. Presumably because they've heard the songs too much themselves on the previous tour.

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Re: Salford Concert To Be Aired By Radio 2 (OS)

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Ghost within this house wrote:
Palpatine wrote:
jasonjohn wrote:Left To My Own Devices was conspicuously missing ... being the #1 orchestra anthem!

But I'm glad... it made a nice change.
I agree. As much as I love Left to my own devices, I'm glad they didn't do it. It would've been too obvious.
And anyway, Neil can't sing it.... and sounds naff in the spoken parts.

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Re: Salford Concert To Be Aired By Radio 2 (OS)

#468 Post by diana »

I just let Eset online scanner do a scan because my computer stopped suddenly and as a result came out the Pet Shop Boys bbc recording and the treath was called: Win32/installeRex.C.Gen
I don't know if Eset is right or wrong, but if you have problems with your computer and you have downloaded the BBC recording, try the Eset online scanner. He found also something else, maybe that was the problem.

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Re: Salford Concert To Be Aired By Radio 2 (OS)

#469 Post by Debussy »

I've 90 minutes of focused work to do, so I went back and listened to the HQ audio. My goodness it's grand and gorgeous. I have recently fallen out of love with PSB through the Elysium period (bar a couple of songs), but this reminds me why I must persevere. Do we know if it's getting a proper release and master?

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