Flamboyant video on cd single - size?

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Flamboyant video on cd single - size?

#1 Post by benice » Sat 14 Jul 2018, 3:13 pm

Is the video on the Flamboyant "maxi CD' CDRS 6629 one of those little Flash-type videos whose size when played on a normal full-size computer is roughly in the in 7x12cm range (maybe even smaller) or is it more like a video on an actual normal dvd?

--> because I'm 99% certain that 2004 was before they put videos with DVD-quality resolution on CDs and instead had videos that are tiny and lo-resolution by today's standards and often with horrible Flash image quality and is hardly better than a hi-res Youtube upload. I had the cd single but it was stolen and it's not worth buying if the video isn't much better than what's on Youtube. I don't like the remixes.

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