Shorter songs - Annoying

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Re: Shorter songs - Annoying

#16 Post by glennjridge »

I'm the opposite. I HATE these, I guess you call them..."extended versions" ones where they just take the groove and extend it. dont like them.
oh, and their songs that dont have an actual chorus. I hate those as well.

I like quick snappy pop songs...unless....they have something that makes it interesting at least....such as that really awesome middle section to "Boshy". thats an exception to my rule. then they can stretch it out with segments like that.

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Re: Shorter songs - Annoying

#17 Post by jules »

Longer songs are boring. I prefer to have a lot of songs with a normal duration.

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Re: Shorter songs - Annoying

#18 Post by retrofuturist »

jules wrote: Thu 15 Aug 2019, 2:12 am Longer songs are boring. I prefer to have a lot of songs with a normal duration.
Most of my favourite PSB tracks are 3:30-5:00... time enough for a proper song structure without time to get boring.

Retro. :)

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Re: Shorter songs - Annoying

#19 Post by onzio »

There isn't a "3-4 minutes standard". This is the point.
There is a huge difference in the structure between a 3 minutes song and a 4 minutes song, we are talking of a matter where even 20 seconds are an important thing.
The standard of radio singles and pop songs has lost 1 minute during the last 20 years and this is what we are talking about.
1 minute is an eternity in song terms.
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Re: Shorter songs - Annoying

#20 Post by telys »

jasonjohn wrote: Wed 14 Aug 2019, 9:36 am
telys wrote: Tue 13 Aug 2019, 11:54 am Yes but Very is of a very different genre, pop songs with a structure. Super and post-Super are dense disco-songs where even the untrained ear can hear that there is room for at least a minute or two of extra length.

I wouldn't normally... on the other hand was way too short on the album, the 7'' had the right length.
There are no albums post-Super. You're confusing your want with reality :) . The EP was shorter songs, and not especially disco.

Very wasn't the first or last album of mostly 3-4 minute tracks. Please, Actually, Behaviour, Release, Bilingual, Nightlife, Elysium, Yes, Fundy.... the great majority!

I predict the last Price album will match Electric in format..... which will be fun, but they wont return to that format for a while, imo.
There's lots of material released post-Super. Remember there's a huge difference between a track like Pop Kids and Burn. Pop Kids is a proper pop song with a story (the fact that they cut the last verse even for the album speaks for itself). Burn is a track which by its structure deserves at least 5:30 or even more than 6 minutes.
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