PSB Community Forum FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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PSB Community Forum FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. When I try to register it says my chosen e-mail address is not allowed. Why is this and what e-mail addresses can I use?

We do not allow new accounts to be registered using certain free e-mail providers. We don't mean to be intentionally obstructive to new users, but on many occasions in the past banned forum members and spammers have used free e-mail accounts in order to join or re-join the forum, and we would rather this didn't happen.

Most people have an ISP (Internet Service Provider), college/university or work e-mail address and we recommend that you use such addresses to register with. From a privacy perspective, no-one other than forum administrators & moderators have access to your e-mail address and it stays 100% invisible to everyone else. If you have no other choice than to use a free e-mail address that is on the 'banned' list when registering then please contact me via the 'Forum Contacts' link and I should be able to assist in registering your new account.
2. I recently registered and my account doesn't appear to be active yet. Why is this?

New users self activate their accounts from a link in an email sent to the address you registered with. Please fill in the email field very carefully to ensure the activation email is sent to your correct address. If you make a mistake you obviously won't get this email and therefore you won't be able to activate your account. Any accounts I can see that haven't been activated by new users within two or three weeks of registering will be deleted.
3. I am a registered forum member. I haven't posted before, or haven't posted for a long time and now I can't log in or I am told the account doesn't exist. What am I doing wrong?

If you joined up some time ago and haven't posted, or haven't posted for a long time, your account may have been deleted. The forum is occasionally 'purged' of unused and old accounts that aren't being used. We do this as the forum takes up a lot of server space and we occasionally need to free some up to avoid the need to delete posts and topics. This is one method of freeing up server space that we occasionally use.

If you are a returning user and you can't log back in, then this is the likely explanation. The only thing we can suggest is to re-register and log in and post once in a while to avoid this happening!
4. I have used the e-mail option from the 'forum contacts' link to contact you but I haven't had a reply. What is the hold up?

If it has only been a day or two then we may still be looking into the e-mail or we might not have read it yet. Please bear with us. If it has been longer and you don't yet have an activated account, or you sent the message whilst not logged in to the forum then the reason you haven't heard from us is that unfortunately, and logically, there is no way for us to know who the message is from! Please add an e-mail address to your message for us to reply to.
5. I am a new member and my posts don't show up until they are approved. Why?

Unfortunately, this is another forum security measure in the ongoing fight against unwelcome new user registrations. We're sorry it affects innocent new members too, but if you are active on the forum the approval period will soon pass.
6. The forum is full of comments I feel are inappropriate and they should be removed. Why are they allowed to stay?

We like to run the forum in as much of a 'hands off' manner as possible. We don't like stifling discussion or denying free speech. That having been said, there are forum rules and we will moderate the forum within those rules. We are not robots though and we all have lives to lead, so we may miss inappropriate comments now and again. If you feel we have then please use the 'Report this post' function (the little red exclamation mark bottom right of every post). If you don't then you are missing your chance to make us aware, and we're missing the chance to right unseen wrongs. If we feel the complaint is legitimate we'll deal with it.
7. When I try to log in my browser goes back to the log in screen again. Why is this?

This is almost certainly a cookie issue in your browser. If you clear your cookies and try again then all should be fine.



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