"Winner" vs "Invisible"

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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#16 Post by Bjossi »

Invisible is going to "win" in the long run, mark my words. But I don't think there will be more than a hair between them.

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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#17 Post by Pacific707 »

i prefer invisible just because I feel winner although good is to literal

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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#18 Post by Vince »

Invisible.. Thats pure PSB. Winner, though good, is too cheesy for me.

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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#19 Post by York Minster »

Drico One wrote: I can't relate to it, so I can't personalise it and assimilate it into the soundtrack of my life.

This is what I mean as well when I say I "get inside" Pet Shop Boys songs. I really appreciate, say, Janet Jackson's pop music output. Great sounds, melodies, etc. Maybe she even had some good messages and lyrics, but it's not for a white boy from the midwest. I get "into" Pet Shop Boys songs, and that's the norm. Winner is an outlier because I can't personalise it either. I've calmed way down over it in the last couple days to be honest. I will admit, it felt like the end of the world at first. Drico has stayed level headed for us non-Winnerites.
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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#20 Post by Radiophonic »

I'm not sure it's fair to compare the two as they're very different and the only thing they have in common is that they're on the same album. Winner is not a bad song (the track of a similar name that's out now by Status Quo proves my point) and It's getting depressing to read some comments from posters I really like, saying it's the worst thing the guys have done. I think their disappointment after Invisible is taking over.
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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#21 Post by Corina »

Radiophonic wrote:It's getting depressing to read some comments from posters I really like, saying it's the worst thing the guys have done.
I feel the same... especially when I recognize some of them on the comments section of the Winner lyrics video on YouTube. Sometimes I think they should quit the PSB fandom for good, instead of criticizing so harshly a band they (pretend?) used to love.
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Re: "Winner" vs "Invisible"

#22 Post by goughsjd »

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