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#16 Post by TheGardner » Tue 16 Jun 2009, 11:33 am

Drico One wrote:I think we need to preserve certain threads/posts for posterity, if possible. We've already lost at least 5 years of the forum's history (Dot, Host, Aimoo) - which I think is a pity - and I wonder if we should start copying particularly interesting threads to the Archive forum or some other sub-forum (but only if upgrades don't destroy those too). Let's face it, it couldn't be a big job...
already on that -at page 95 (or so) started from the end- but had not much time in the last couple of weeks!
Now a question: did we copy the post counts of all users (we had from Aimoo) to here, when we started this board in 2003??? I now got the impression, that all "old" users from Aimoo were cut down in their post counts... :|
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