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Luke Colorado
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Fred Falke

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Fred's Wikipedia page suggests he worked on Yes. Do we know which tracks?

I think he's a brilliant remixer and would love it if he reworked a future single.

Anyway, just curious.
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York Minster
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Re: Fred Falke

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You appear to have missed my post in the thread "Quick notes" ... ke#p407221

It is as follows:

I wonder if Fred Falke will do any PSB remixes soon? I heard a mix of a U2 song by him and thought it sounded vaguely PSB. On wiki it says he contributed to some Xenomania PSB songs. Which ones were they? I'm guessing a song like More Than A Dream. I'm listening to his remix of Bodies by Robbie and it's pretty good. ....Ok I just looked it up and he's on Love Etc and the track I thought he would be on Vulnerable

It's rare I like a remixer. It looks like I may have found an exception.
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Re: Fred Falke

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Its brilliant... :)

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