Back after a LOOOOOOONG absence...

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Back after a LOOOOOOONG absence...

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Hello all you PSBers.

I was on this board before, many years ago. Decided to check it out again. Forum.... Feels like a flashback to the olden days of the internet when I was just a lad -- or at least a younger old guy.

Some of you may know me as one of the duo who ran the Pet Shop Boys Dedicated Site in the 1990's.

~~Being Boring now pops in my head~~

Some of you may know me as the guy you don't know at all. :)

Either way, I am actually working on a new PSB-related something-something right now. Part of the reason I've logged back in, trying to locate and find info which would prove useful.

My first question does anyone know of a good archive of PSB interviews, articles and things of that nature? Google is just barfing up useless links to YouTube and eBay listings.

Anyhow, Nice to be back. CYA

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Re: Back after a LOOOOOOONG absence...

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Welcome to the forum! That reminds me. - I think if you put "archiving old web-sites" on the Internet it may help you find some bits and pieces out for your PSB's related project. Does anyone know the name of it please? I know it was mentioned a long time ago on here but, I have forgotten it. (Getting old!).

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