4th single off Hotspot - I Don't Wanna

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Re: 4th single off Hotspot - I Don't Wanna

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I'd wish they would print more "Dreamland" on CDS. I never got a chance to order this CDS.
"I think it’s an amazingly good album, I’ve got to be honest with you. It’s one of the albums I feel most proud of. But for people who don’t really know us, and have a sort of an idea about us, ‘Electric’ is more what the Pet Shop Boys are meant to be."
(Neil Tennant, speaking about "Elysium" on the eve of "Electric" release.)

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Re: 4th single off Hotspot - I Don't Wanna

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leesmapman wrote:
Thu 21 May 2020, 9:17 am
PSBForTheMasses wrote:
Wed 20 May 2020, 10:44 pm
I am very sad that I could get neither Hotspot nor CD singles because after Corona outbreak, Amazon's international shipping costs became ridiculously high (there is only one option and it is the costliest one) and just one CD costs one-fourth of minimum wage, given the fact that £ is highly appreciated against TL. Hopefully there will remain some more in stocks by the time this is over and things get bacm to normal, and until then, let's thank God for Youtube.

This is the first time in my fandom that I could not get a PSB release as soon as it hit the shelves and it is a yawning and sad gap in the collection.
I ordered them from my local record store. And my experience is that that is faster than ordering online
In Turkey, local retailers do not sell CDs anymore (or sell only very bestselling ones like Taylor Swift or what's on the charts now or local Turkish bands/ acts which I do not have the urge to see or listen to :D ). Hell, they do not even feel the need to import them, even MJ or Madonna (they have a larger audience here). iTunes killed that side of business (not that the sales were huge before iTunes but at least there was a respectable sizeof buyers). So I have to either order it from Amazon or expect to come across it by chance in some small store who has good musical tastes.

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