Pet Shop Boys in Poland?

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Pet Shop Boys in Poland?

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Good morning,

there was supposed to be Pet Shop Boys concert in Warsaw, Poland on 24th of May 2020. However pandemic has changed everything and the concert didn't take place. That is of course understandable. However, I was checking the upcoming events for the remaining of 2020 and 2021 and I was very saddened to see that there are no plans for the Boys to come to Poland. Do you know if it can still change or should I rather look for upcoming performances in countries surrounding to try my luck with buying tickets? Thank you.
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Re: Pet Shop Boys in Poland?

#2 Post by retrofuturist »


It would appear very difficult to book anything far in advance in the current climate.

I think it's far more likely over the next couple of years that gigs will appear sporadically and with less lead time.

I hope that takes PSB to Warsaw for you.

Retro. :)

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Re: Pet Shop Boys in Poland?

#3 Post by psbfannyc »

It's been 100% cancelled unfortunately. And by the message below, it doesn't look like it will be rescheduled. It's too bad, I was looking forward to going to Warsaw for this as I have never been. ... ed?archive

"7 May 2020

Warsaw show cancelled

We regret to announce that due to the necessary precautionary measures taken across the world, Pet Shop Boys’ show in Warsaw scheduled for May 24th 2020 at COS Torwar has now been cancelled. Refunds are available from point of purchase. If you bought tickets, the ticketing agency you used will be in touch."

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